16 year old Ashlesha is a student at American School of Dubai. She was excited to enroll in the Financial Empowerment program because her family often talked about money, credit cards and finances and she wanted to be involved in the discussions.

While she felt she had a working knowledge of how money worked, she keenly felt her lack of knowledge was an impediment she wanted to overcome, and soon.

Being part of the KFI program gave her the deep understanding she previously lacked. It not only increased her awareness around money but also impacted her behavior. Unlike before, she was now acutely aware of whether she was spending on needs or wants, and this really seemed to make her more mindful of how she shops.

She’s noticed that she buys much less stuff than she used to before, and is more mindful of what she buys. She’s much smarter about not falling for the usual sales tactics used either.

“I’ve even managed to curb my mum’s shopping habits. She obsessed with buying perfumes and I made her realize that she doesn’t really need so many” she reports smiling.

“I wish more of my friends had the benefit of learning this. I see how thoughtlessly they spend money and so much of it at that. My mum is especially proud of the wise money choices I make nowadays’ she continues.

“All the programs I attended at KFI served to boost my confidence. I’m not shy of speaking up or contributing to discussion about money anymore because I know and understand things at a much deeper level now. The KFI program on investing that I attended has fueled

my interest in the subject and I intend to start investing as soon as I turn 18” she says excitedly.

Ashlesha wants to be an entrepreneur and plans on starting her own business when she’s older.

“I want to work for myself and be financially independent, and I know I have the skills and ability to accomplish that” she says confidently.

SMARTER RICHER BRAVER…this girl’s achieved that in spades already.