Students at ASPAM school attended the KFI GLOBAL financial education program held over two days. This initiative is sponsored by Dubai Islamic Bank and is part of an overall drive for Social Sustainability through a financial literacy program for the younger generation.

Marilyn Pinto, Founder at KFI GLOBAL said: “Financial Literacy is a key driver of social sustainability and this initiative is a prime example. Few things empower individuals more than understanding how money works and how they can use this knowledge to ensure a financially secure future for themselves and their families. The KFI program does just that – gives them the competence and confidence to make smarter financial decisions.”

Sheela George, Principal at ASPAM Schools said: “Our students have benefitted a lot and are keen to start a number of projects based on the learning they have acquired from these sessions. I am so thankful to KFI GLOBAL and Dubai Islamic Bank for this initiative/“