If you’re reading this expecting another ‘amazing deal’, I’m afraid you’re going to be disappointed.

As we go into the massive sale weekend, we are all inundated with offers and discounts, and every influencer on the internet will start talking about their favorite sales, which in turn will serve to push all the right buttons on our buying radar.

These discounts and deals make us feel special, and smart and oh so lucky!

And who doesn’t like feeling that way.

We will then inevitably look back sheepishly at this time where we yet again, spent more money than we should have, buying more stuff we didn’t really need, or sometimes, even really want.

But we did, because the price was right.


Really…just stop.

And maybe consider this. If you didn’t need it before it was on sale, you don’t need it now.

According to a recent survey, the average amount we spend on impulse buying is more than AED 1 million over the course of our lifetime.

And while it’s easy to blame the advertising and marketing firms, let’s step back and think about how gullible we are to all their tactics.

It’s time we stop making emotional buying decisions triggered by hyper-persuasive marketing messages.

And consider being just a little more mindful about our buys.

That’s why, at KFI, we don’t do Black Friday deals, or White Wednesday deals, or any other colored day of week deals.

We want you to take all the time you need.

We want you to make sure this is right for your child, at this time.

We want you to do your research, both about  us, and our competitors.

We want you to talk it over with your partner and discuss it with your child.

We want you to check out, not only our website and the parent and student testimonials there but also what independent media have to say about us and the skills we teach.

In short, do what it takes to make a deliberate and purposeful buying decision.

Because we guarantee, it will be one you won’t regret the morning after.

And also, because it’s what we teach our students to do.