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Financial Empowerment is Upstream Work

Leave the Tech Alone

Financial education for Gen Z may benefit from another approach There seems to be an app for everything nowadays. From shopping and dating to pet grooming and fuel refills, you needn’t get off the sofa anymore. Recently there has been a veritable explosion in the…

The Fault In Our Stars

If the powers be had a diabolical plan to keep much of the world’s population subservient, stressed and short-sighted, because that suited their business interests — all they would have to do is deliberately ensure that much of world’s population is unschooled in the subject…

Seek First to Understand

It’s in our nature to look for quick fixes, instant gratification and magic bullets. We hastily throw half baked solutions at convoluted, insidious problems and are very quick to fly the ‘mission accomplished’ banner high and proud. It makes us feel smart and decisive. It…

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