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Fin-Ed UNITED 2023

Fin-ED UNITED 2023 is a nationwide campaign that aims to foster financial literacy among the next generation through a scalable, standardized and sustainable approach. It is an initiative led by KFI GLOBAL, UAE’s leading provider of financial education for young people.

Fin-Ed UNITED 2023 is the result of a collaborative effort by stakeholders who recognize the many benefits of financial literacy for individuals, society, and the nation as a whole. These stakeholders include educational institutions, educational authorities, government bodies, and financial institutions that are invested in the future and success of the next generation.

KFI GLOBAL, in partnership with key financial institutions, will deliver its highly acclaimed and multi-award-winning financial education program to thousands of students across the UAE. This bold and groundbreaking initiative aims to financially educate the nation’s youth in a way that’s innovative, scalable and most importantly that drives social sustainability.

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Fin-Ed UNITED 2023

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