I often get told that I’m very passionate about what I do.

I disagree.

I’m not passionate about what I do.

I think passion is too mild a term for the way I feel about the work I do.

Obsessive. That’s what I am.

Being obsessive is what enabled me to curate a program and a methodology that has revolutionized the way financial education is taught to teenagers.

Being obsessive is what keeps me improving the content and delivery so that the program keeps getting better each time we run it.

Being obsessive is how I keep pushing myself to do more, to learn more, to serve more.

The obsession with getting this crucial education to teens is why the program has had such wide impact.

The obsession with ensuring the program is immensely memorable and effective is why every teenager who attends it has benefitted remarkably from it.

The obsession with always doing the right thing for the teens in my care is what has earned me the trust and gratitude of parents.

I’m obsessed with making sure that teenagers get the chance to learn this critical life skill so that they don’t repeat the mistakes of the past generation.

I obsessed with making sure that they are financially empowered so that they can step up, stand out and live a life on their own terms.

I’m obsessed with making sure I never say, ‘I could have done more.’

I obsess daily about how to reach more teens so they can leverage this knowledge for a brighter future.

I obsess interminably about whether I am doing enough to further this cause.

This obsession is why I keep pushing everyday even when the obstacles seem insurmountable.

This obsession is why I enjoy the journey.

This obsession is why I smile through it all.