Dubai, UAE: The Yr 12 students at Emirates International School attended KFI GLOBAL’s multi-award winning program on financial education.

This is part of an initiative, in partnership with Dubai Islamic Bank that drives social sustainability through financial literacy.

Students benefited from learning all about saving, spending wisely, budgeting and credit cards. Financial literacy really is the bedrock of social sustainability as this lays the foundation for financial inclusion and financial stability in society.

Marilyn Pinto, Founder at KFI GLOBAL said: “This skill is important makes a huge impact on a students life – on a personal, societal and even at a national level and its imperative that we teach this to youngsters so that they can make more intelligent money choices.

Rob Ellis, Principal at Emirates International School said: “We can prepare our students academically but it is only sessions like these like can prepare our students to be financially successful and in a good position to start off their lives.”