Schools spend all their time teaching kids WHAT to learn but maybe they should focus a bit more on teaching kids ‘HOW’ to learn.

If there is one skill to master in the 21 st century, it’s learning how to learn – faster and more effectively.

This skill is especially useful in college, which is primarily where kids feel overwhelmed and start faltering because their coursework is much more demanding and also requires a higher level of learning – like analysis, evaluation, and creation, than was expected in high school.

Yet most kids haven’t been taught any skills or strategies for coping with the increased workload and the hugely different set of expectations that college imposes.

And this hits them once they get the first test results when they invariable do much worse than they expected.

Their confidence takes a hit and they begin to question their own abilities. This is when they start to think, “Maybe I was only smart up to high school.”

This negative self-talk then begins to adversely affect their thoughts and actions.

We know now that this can be easily remedied. Learning is a skill that can be taught like any other.

There are techniques and strategies that we can teach our kids, so they are able to hone this invaluable skill and develop confidence in their ability to tackle any subject or material.

We need to get them to understand that their grades are only indicators of their effort, not their ability.

With the proper learning strategies, they can significantly increase their understanding and performance.

That is where my focus is next – on developing a program that teaches kids HOW to learn, where we show kids how to identify their learning styles, teach them metacognitive learning strategies, guide them on effective time management, and introduce them to innovative memory techniques so that they can harness this superpower that they need to thrive in today’s information age.

So, watch this space, we’ll let you know as soon as we’re ready to launch this truly ground- breaking program.