Most of us wish we had learned about investing earlier in our lives so why not teach teens about investing now?

Once they understand the underlying concepts of personal finance taught in our Money Management Course for Teens, we think it will be interesting to take them into the world of investing through our brand-new program called Investing – The Golden Ticket. This innovative program will give them a better understanding of the concept, what it entails, and more importantly, a head-start on the process.

(Read this fantastic article by Sam Instone on why young people should invest now:

While we do introduce the topic of investing in the Money Management course, this program takes it up a notch. As with everything we teach, we first focus on the WHY and make them understand the reasons why it’s important to learn about investing and why they should start early.

We cover topics like types of investments, compound interest, risk & potential, diversification, the stock market, and much more.

This program is specially designed for this age group and delivered in a way that’s engaging, which leads to more effective learning. We break down these complex concepts into simple, easily digestible ideas that are can be readily understood and retained. These new ideas ignite their curiosity and open their minds up to endless possibilities – while helping to make them more responsible investors, able to evaluate, and make informed investment decisions when they grow up.

This intense program will run over two consecutive Saturdays and will begin in January 2019.

So give us a call and find out how we can help your kids get to the next level of financial intelligence.

By Marilyn L Pinto

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