Crushing credit debt, rampant financial crime, a looming economic crisis every couple of years – why are our kids still not being taught how to handle money?

Schools have passed the buck, citing lack of time, money, resources, and government guidelines.

As parents, we are already pulled in a hundred different directions. We aren’t sure how to teach our kids about money. We’re barely getting by ourselves, and we’ve also realized that our kids don’t listen to us that much anyway – it’s like white noise when we speak.

So, Kids Finance Initiative is rising to the challenge.

We have a team of highly trained and educated professionals, all of whom have advanced degrees in finance, business, and education. More importantly, they have the passion, drive, and empathy to teach in a way that kids love to learn.

Our specially crafted and highly acclaimed programs instill financial awareness in kids and teens.

Teaching kids about money, is never just about money. It’s about character, responsibility, self- control, and delayed gratification.

These are embedded in every part of our curriculum. Our programs go beyond piggy banks and allowances. We delve into the psychology of money and help kids identify and develop a proper money mindset.

We teach them the importance of saving, how to budget, how to make wise spending decisions, what credit means and how to use it wisely, how to avoid common money mistakes, and the basics of investing. We build their financial awareness, so they can make conscious and smart money decisions.

This will hold them in good stead while navigating the inevitable financial storms of the future.

So, keep calm – the buck stops with us.

By Marilyn L Pinto