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The Happiness Blueprint

Ask any parent what they want most most for their child and they will say ‘I want my child to be happy.’

Yet, this seems so elusive. Depression is ten times more common now that it was fifty years ago when the average age of first onset was about thirty. Now the first onset is below age fifteen.

Worldwide teen depression rates are rising at an alarming rate.

What if we told you that being happy is a trainable skill and that this program will teach the kids research-backed and neuroscience proven ways to become happier.

It is about learning how to cultivate a mindset and behaviors that have been scientifically proven to help kids and teens achieve greater success and fulfillment.

It’s probably the most invaluable skill we can get our kids to learn, and maybe take a few tips ourselves.

This is a program whose time has come.

Why teach kids & teens how to be happier?

  • Happier kids do better in school.
  • They have stronger immune systems and are healthier
  • They are better able to deal with stress and trauma
  • They are better leaders and negotiators and earn more money when they grow up.
  • They are more creative and show more flexibility in their thinking.
  • They are more self-confident and have higher self esteem


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