Vasanth, a 20 yr old University student currently working as a summer intern, had read a couple the standard personal finance books and even watched a number of videos relating to personal finance before he attended the KFI program. “But you can’t compare that with actually attending the KFI program.

The details, the examples, the discussion facilitated by the program instructor really brought the lessons home in a way that reading a book, or watching a video never did. Suddenly it was real and relevant and very memorable” says Vasanth

He’s a professional athlete and used to make a bit of sponsorship money but never thought about how he was spending it. He says the program made him realize that he was wasting most of his money buying stuff he hardly used. It also made him see how clueless and unprepared to handle money many of his friend and colleagues were, with many of them holding unpaid balances on their credit cards.

He says after the program he explained to them all about the fees and charges they incur which they knew nothing about.

“I was lucky to have attended this program at the right time too, I had just got my drivers license and if not for what I had learned, I too would have taken a car loan and bought a brand new expensive car, like I see so many of my friends doing, without thinking of whether that really is the best use of my money and whether I need to take on so much debt unnecessarily” says Vasanth

“I also help my parents budget and am very involved in the financial decisions my family takes, whether big or small. They’ve noticed how I have changed especially with regard to reigning in my impulse purchases and really seem to value my input.”